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Synchronization solutions for the Liferay Calendar

February 27, 2015 By Andrea Di Giorgi

Hi everyone In my first blog post almost one year ago, I talked about our Calendar Mobile Sync project, a free and

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Liferay 7 Milestone 4 - The Adventure is getting serious

February 25, 2015 By Jorge Ferrer Staff

Did you like what you saw in previous milestones? You didn’t feel there was enough meat to be worth your time? Get ready for Milestone 4 which comes bundled with many improvements and new features. Not only that, with this release we are launching the Liferay 7 Community...

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Hacker in Residence at Liferay Spain

February 22, 2015 By Jose M. Navarro Staff

Several months ago, I read an article talking about a new concept for me: the Hacker in Residence. Since then, I saw pretty clearly that it would be a wonderful initiative within Liferay, given that we're a global and distributed company, with several teammates working from...

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Liferay OSGi and SSH Access

February 22, 2015 By Kamesh Sampath Staff

Taking forward from where Ray left off with a Telnet to Liferay OSGi, I am taking this step ahead to enable SSH access to Liferay OSGi console, here is my two little reasons on why I want to do...

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Dragging and dropping portlets

February 18, 2015 By Olaf Kock Staff

This is a repeat post - same topic as in July 2013, when I've solved exactly the same problem on Liferay 6.1. Now it's time to update the solution to Liferay 6.2. But I am ahead of myself: What seems to be the problem?

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The Learning Curve, Chapter 6 - Java Web Development

February 18, 2015 By Olaf Kock Staff

Are you new to Liferay? Found Liferay and want to know what it can do for you? Or are you with Liferay and still remember the time when you were new and unexperienced? Where did you come from and what was the biggest problem you faced? Can you ever learn enough? And how do you...

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Liferay's OSGi Board Membership

February 17, 2015 By Ray Augé Staff

Over the past couple of years Liferay has invested a considerable amount of effort to re-engineer Liferay Portal version 7.0 with modularity as the key focus. As part of this effort we've adopted OSGi as the modularity layer. In September of 2013 we decided that in order to...

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Liferay 7 Community Expedition

February 11, 2015 By James Falkner Staff

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Valamis 2.2 - Exciting new features

February 4, 2015 By Janne Hietala

I am excited to announce Valamis 2.2, which has some great improvements. To name few, it enables more Tin Can API use-cases on Liferay platform. You can now make learning visibile into Social Office and communities, track formal and informal learning experiences, dramatically...

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Announcement: Patches for Liferay Faces GA5

February 3, 2015 By Neil Griffin Staff

The Liferay Faces team is focussed on developing our new 4.2.0-GA1 and 3.2.5-GA6 releases as well as our new Liferay Faces Showcase demo. But since not all projects will not have an opportunity to upgrade, we developed the following patches for our GA5 release: ...

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