2014 Top Contributors

Recognizing our community rockstars and legends! These noble individuals have selflessly given in the pursuit of community and open source excellence.


Manali Lalaji

Manali Lalaji works as a Sr. Consultant in Portals & Collaboration practice @ CIGNEX Datamatics. She is a certified Liferay Professional Developer with 5+ years of experience involving enterprise solutions/applications development, integration and customization across various industries. She has been part of 7+ Liferay Projects comprising several domains like Media Networks, Insurance, Entertainment, Retirement, Hotels , Intranet portal, etc. She has also implemented complex custom Liferay portlets using several frameworks like Spring, Struts, JSF, Hibernate, and AlloyUI.

She co-manages a training program and imparts Liferay training within the company. She likes to share knowledge by actively participating in Liferay Forums and writing blogs (http://liferayfreaks.blogspot.in/). She believes that extending a helping hand to others on Liferay forums by answering queries, helps to expand our own horizons of knowledge as well as reduces others efforts. She likes to explore and learn various new Liferay features.

Prior to Cignex Datamatics, she was associated with TechMahindra where she worked as Java/J2EE developer in Telecom domain. She has completed BTech in IT from Nirma University in 2008.

Jack Bakker

Jack Bakker, a Canadian, used to practice classical guitar 6-8 hours a day. But he overdid it trying to be a virtuoso while in the performance program at the University of Toronto. Then after receiving a Bachelor of Music, a Masters of Music, and a Bachelor of Education, he became a teacher of music and then computers. Around the turn of the millennium, a side business in web development took over. Every looking for better solutions, Liferay became an obvious choice. Jack has been working with Liferay since version 5.2.3 and is founder of iABLE inc. He is a proud husband and father of two young and ever curious daughters.

Soukaina HAJI

Soukaina HAJI is a 19 year old J2EE developer living in Casablanca/Morocco, working at AKKA Technologies for the last 6 months. Prior to AKKA Soukaina  majored in Development and Administration System Network at Higher School of Technology (EST), and received a University Degree of Technology (DUT) at the same school in 2014, and before that graduated from High School majoring in mathematical science with honors.

A relative newcomer to the community, Soukaina has been immediately contributing in the Liferay Forums this quarter and is a member of the Morocco User Group.


Pankaj Kathiriya

Pankaj Kathiriya works as a Consultant at CIGNEX Datamatics Technologies. He has over 4 years of IT experience executing several projects from various domains, including healthcare, publications, HR, and others. He enjoys sharing knowledge in liferay community through forum posts, blogs, and marketplace apps. Recently he published the LoginTrack app in Liferay Marketplace. He also writes technical blogs at http://pmkathiria.blogspot.com He completed his Bachelor in Computer Engineering at Dharmsinh Desai University, Gujarat, India in 2010.

RivetLogic Marketplace Team

Rivet Logic's Liferay Marketplace Development Team includes the following members from both its USA and Costa Rica offices: Alaaeldin El-Nattar, Dong-Jun Kim, Nicolas Dufour, Paras Jain, Raghu Kanakamedala, Shagul Khaja, Zhigang Shu, Adrian Portuguez, Alejandro Soto, Charles Rodriguez, Christopher Jimenez, Eugenio Segura, Fernando Garcia, Juan Carrillo, Katalina Marcos, Manuel Calvo, Pablo Nunez, Ronny Vargas, Steven Barba.

In 2013, Rivet Logic's Liferay Marketplace team was formed, and released their first app, the HR portal. This team's goal is to enable Liferay Portal users to quickly and easily enhance their existing Liferay deployments through high quality open source apps that simplify performing of everyday tasks. Since then, the team has contributed 18 open source apps to the Liferay Marketplace, with more on the way!

Bijan Vakili

Bijan learned about Liferay in 2009; and has been working with it ever since. In 2010, he worked for Liferay for a few months. In 2011, worked for Cignex Datamatics; and this was only for about a month. In 2012, started SEEB GROUP INC in Washington, D.C. You can find him on the official Liferay IRC channel: #liferay or #liferay-dev-life with username bijoo.


Peter Mesotten

Peter is 29 years old, lives in Belgium and is a proud dad of a one-year-old boy. He has been working with Liferay since joining ACA IT-Solutions, an IT company specializing in Java and Java-based ECM solutions for the Benelux. It all started off by rebuilding the company website in Liferay Portal, version 5.1.1 at the time. The size of Peter's Liferay team quickly increased while he took on the role of coaching and mentoring the newbies.

Peter has been given the opportunity to present at Liferay roadshows, symposia, user group meetings and has also assisted in implementing ACA's Marketplace portlets. Nowadays, Peter takes on the role of technical lead in Liferay projects. Since October 2013, he proudly calls himself a Certified Liferay Professional, together with 3 of his colleagues.

Krzysztof Gołębiowski

Krzysztof started using Java related technologies during his studies at Military University of Technology in Warsaw. Like every respectable IT engineer, after graduation in 2010, he started working as a consultant on enterprise projects for large companies where he gained experience in design and implementation of proprietary ECM/BPM systems. At that time there was a high risk that he would grow old deploying and customizing closed-source solutions created by hundreds of anonymous programmers. Fortunately at the end of 2011 he got introduced to Liferay which allowed him to build enterprise-level software without losing the fun of coding, and let him go deeper into Open Source world.

Krzysztof has been involved in all phases of portal development ranging from business requirements management through portlet implementation, to conducting professional trainings. He participated in a few large projects for Polish public sector but currently spends most of his time creating portals for private companies. He is actively involved in Liferay Community, participating in Forums, reporting and fixing JIRA issues. He was at first Liferay DEVCON in Berlin and took part in Liferay 6.2 Beta Testing Program. In the future he wants to launch long planned apps on marketplace and create own technical blog.

The company which lets Krzysztof develop his Liferay skills, and what is more important, supports his contribution to the community is Xentivo Consulting located in Warsaw. In the nearest future its ECM branch will create a new brand - RedPaper.

David Nebinger

David stumbled upon Liferay in 2006 while looking for an open source portal platform for an intranet application implementation. He started with version 4.2 and went through the version 5 and 6 upgrades. David enjoys helping others on the forum, and does so in the spirit of open source. At times, his sense of humor takes some time to recognize and master. One of David's goals is to try and learn something new from Liferay every day.

David graduated from Bowling Green State University in 1995 w/ a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. He comes from a background of C, C++, and Java, with the last 10 years spent developing Java web applications (the last 6 of those years solely on the Liferay platform.)