OpenSocial Gadget CE

OpenSocial is a framework designed for creating applications, called gadgets that function on any social networking site that supports them. There are many existing gadgets available, and anyone can create their own gadgets. With this app, you can integrate any OpenSocial gadget directly into a Liferay page, and you can easily manage which gadgets are currently in use or available. You can also create your own OpenSocial Gadget using the Liferay's OpenSocial development environment. Gadgets can be integrated into your portal like a portlet to be added or removed by users as desired. The OpenSocial Gadget portlet also allows you to change the permissions for who can view or edit the portlet, as well as options to share the contents of the portlet, just like you can with any other Liferay portlet. For more details about OpenSocial and Liferay, consult the "OpenSocial Integration" section of the Liferay User Guide. The Liferay User Guide can be found at

This app will appear in your Application menu once installed.
Latest Changes
  • LPS-35716 Label and value in not editable form fields look the same
  • LPS-40913 Improve Ant build times by avoiding target calls and using macrodefs where possible
  • LPS-42501 OpenSocial Portlet configuration icon has incorrect help message
  • LPS-42790 Permissions window that is not a pop up frame does not save modified settings
  • LPS-42924 Using classNameLocalService directly instead of PortalUtil.getClassName** in ***LocalServiceImpl.
  • LPS-43258 ClassNotFoundException when translating Hibernate exception in ClpSerializer

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