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Notes no longer available in Mail.app with Mountain Lion

Company Blogs 15. August 2012 Von Neil Griffin Staff

If you have used the "New Note" feature in Mail.app, then you may have noticed that the feature is gone in Mountain Lion. Although I was generally happy with the new Mountain Lion features, this completely disrupted my daily workflow process.

I used the Notes feature to create pseudo "Tasks" as part of a GTD type of workflow. This allowed me to keep tasks and email messages in different folders. Even though the feature is now gone, I found that I am still able to do the same type of thing with draft email messages. For example:

  • Create a new email message
  • Leave the recipient list blank
  • Give it a subject like "Task: Do this and that"
  • Type in some instructions in the email body
  • Save the email message as a Draft
  • Move the message from the Draft folder to some other folder, like "Today"

The only problem was that I wasn't able to edit the messages after I moved them out of drafts. As a workaround, it can still be edited by moving it temporarily back to drafts.


Antworten im Thread Autor Datum
You know there's a separate app Notes now and... Mika Koivisto 15. August 2012 15:44
Yep, I tried to work with the separate Notes... Neil Griffin 15. August 2012 16:35

You know there's a separate app Notes now and Reminders is also great although I mostly use MacJournal for all my notes and organizing thoughts.
Gepostet am 15.08.12 15:44.
Yep, I tried to work with the separate Notes and Reminders apps together for a few hours, and I just couldn't work at the same productivity level. Keeping notes and emails together in Mail.app works best for me. MacJournal looks really nice. I hear that OmniFocus is nice too.
Gepostet am 15.08.12 16:35 als Antwort auf Mika Koivisto.