Liferay Faces

Liferay Faces Bridge is a JAR that JSF developers can add as a dependency to their portlet WAR projects in order to deploy JSF web applications as portlets within JSR 286 (Portlet 2.0) compliant portlet containers like Liferay Portal 5.2, 6.0, and 6.1.


  • Standards Compliant: Implements the JSR 329 Portlet Bridge Standard and passes all tests within the JSR 329 Test Compatibility Kit (TCK).
  • Supports both JSF 1.2 and JSF 2.1
  • Supports the Mojarra implementation of JSF using either Facelets or JSP view technology.
  • Innovation: Provides unique abilities like bridge:inputFile (file upload) and a variety of performance optimizations.
  • Component Suites: Currently compatible with ICEfaces, PrimeFaces, and RichFaces.

Project Roadmap

The development plan for 2013 is to conform to the JSF 2.2 portlet alignment initiative of the JSR 344 Expert Group.

Project Leads

Liferay Partners Triton and Mimacom initially developed JSF projects at and contributed them to Liferay. Support will be provided as part of the Liferay EE subscription when Liferay Faces GA is released. 

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JCP Participation

As a member of the JSR 344 and JSR 362 Expert Groups, Liferay is helping to align the JSF 2.2 and Portlet 3.0 standards. As a result, developers will benefit from increased compatibility and performance between JSF and Liferay Portal.

Neil Griffin

JSF Team Lead, Liferay

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Atul Patel

Director of Agile Solutions, Triton Services


Robin Wyss

Software Engineer, Mimacom