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Welcome to the Liferay Wiki Guide, an online collection of Liferay knowledge and know-how compiled by both our own staff and those in our community. The 900+ articles that currently reside in this wiki are the result of an organic free volunteer effort and we invite you to participate as well. Improve existing articles or create new ones or just browse the information to help you along with your Liferay project. Read the Wiki Guidelines for some hints about how to create useful pages.

You can also visit our Official Documentation pages for detailed information on versions, and 5.2.

Starting with Liferay

Introductory articles for newcomers to the Liferay world.


Articles about how to install Liferay Portal, how to set it up to work with different application servers and databases and how to achieve a specific configuration.

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Articles about how to develop new portlets, extend Liferay's portlets and use the extension environment.

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Using Liferay

Articles about how to use Liferay Portal through the web UI. This includes portal administration as well as using any of the included out of the box portlets.

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Articles about how to extend Liferay through configuration and customization. Also includes articles about how to create themes, how to integrate third party applications, etc.

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application integration

Understanding and Improving Liferay

Articles about Liferay's community, documentation, and more.

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Liferay Social Office

Articles about Liferay Social Office, the collaboration solution for enterprise.

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