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Liferay's Knowledge Base app provides a means for creating and organizing articles within a site. The knowledge base is perfect for creating and organizing information more formally than in a wiki. For example, it can be used to organize and display professional product documentation. It's easy to set up the knowledge base with a workflow that requires articles to be approved before they are published. Additionally, it allows administrators to create article templates. Templates can be used to insure that certain kinds of articles possess a common structure and include certain kinds of information. Knowledge base articles can be categorized to make them easy to find. They can also be organized hierarchically to form complete books or guides. There are multiple portlets included in this app. For details about how to use the Knowledge Base, Consult the "Knowledge Base" section of the Liferay User Guide. The Liferay User Guide can be found at

This app will appear in your Application menu and Control Panel once installed.
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