Kaleo Workflow EE

This app provides the Kaleo Workflow engine, for use with Liferay Portal. In Greek, Kaleo means "called ones," which is appropriate for a workflow engine that calls users to participate in a process that has been designed for them. Kaleo workflow allows a user to define any number of simple to complex business processes/workflows, deploy them, and manage them through a portal interface. Those processes have knowledge of users, groups, and roles. You don't have to write a single line of code to accomplish this: all you have to do is create a single XML document. And if you're a Liferay EE customer, you get a graphical workflow designer, which gives you a point and click interface to create workflows. Simple workflows can be managed using the default configuration and GUI tools, while more complex workflows can be created to meet the workflow management needs of almost any portal. Consult the "Workflow" section of the Liferay User Guide for details on administering this service. The Liferay User Guide can be found at http://liferay.com/documentation.

This app installs as a Liferay service.

Últimos cambios
  • LPS-42106 recurrence in workflow xml accepts second as scale but event will not run
  • LPS-42484 The userId placed into the scripting context of a completed task should be the completionUserId
  • LPS-42924 Using classNameLocalService directly instead of PortalUtil.getClassName** in ***LocalServiceImpl.
  • LPS-43258 ClassNotFoundException when translating Hibernate exception in ClpSerializer
  • LPS-43585 Unable to retrieve information of the task instance from the script context
  • LPS-43586 As a workflow developer, I would like to have access to the instanceToken, taskInstanceToken, and timerInst...
  • LPS-43599 Plugins SDK Environment builder for 6.2 generates as "master" instead of 6.2.x
  • LPS-43927 Remove plugins-security-manager-portlet from 6.2.x+

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