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¿Qué es un Portal?

Los portales sirven a las empresas de muchas maneras. Conozca diferentes usos de un portal y descubra las potentes funciones de colaboración, contenido e integración de Liferay Portal.

Web Content Management System

Modern portals include a full workflow enabled web content management system. Many portal websites include a great deal of content that requires regular updates. These updates are often accomplished by non-technical content contributors and need to be approved by content approvers in a workflow approval process.

Easy Updates with Role-Based Approvals

Portals with web content management can additionally have a workflow approval process to allow some people to edit content, which must be approved by others before being published. For example, a website requiring an advertisement on the side of the page could add content via a UI editor. If changes to the advertisement are required, a portal content contributor can log in, make the edit, and save the changes. If the individual is not approved to publish content changes without review, the system will route the update to a content approver.

Document Repository

Portals can also serve as a repository for documents. Similar to content, documents can be added to the repository and made available through the web interface or website. For example, individuals can publish documents into a central repository and have them be made available to portal users in a central library upon their login.