Preliminary Agenda

The agenda is filled with thought-provoking, eye-opening sessions that showcase interesting ways companies have used the Liferay Platform to meet their business needs. These sessions  include illuminating stories, useful lessons learned, and noteworthy insights.

Please note that the content of the agenda below is not final and will be updated periodically. However, for your convenience, the start and end times will not change. Please arrange your itinerary so that you are able to stay for the entire Symposium program.



Registrations / Check-In

TIME General Sessions


Welcome & Announcements


Ross Kennedy, General Manager, Liferay Hungary Kft.


New and Improved Liferay 6.1 EE Features
Máté Thurzó, Liferay Hungary


Coffee Break


Business TRACK

Technology TRACK

Liferay 6.1: New Tools for Power Users
Olaf Kock, Liferay Gmbh
Portal Security: Guidelines to Ensuring Corporate Safety
Tomáš Polešovský, Liferay Hungary Kft.

How Liferay Came to Life in VIPnet
Ivan Krnic, CROZ d.o.o.
Blaženka Čaušić, VIPnet d.o.o.

How to Build an Accessible Website
Julio Camarero, Liferay Spain
13.00-14.00 Lunch & Networking
14.00-14.40 Advanced Forms
Zoltán Dibó, Webtown Informatika Kft.
SAML in Liferay 6.1
Armin Dahncke, Liferay Gmbh
14.40-15.20 Mass Data Processing with Liferay - The case of Visual Information
László Gulyas, Aitia International Inc.
Dashboarding with Liferay
Marko Čikoš, OptimIT d.o.o.
15.20-16.00 Efficient Management of Multiple Websites from One Single Platform
Julio Camarero, Liferay Spain
16.00-16.30 Coffee Break
16.30-17.00 Building Applications on Liferay 6.1
Joseph Shum, Liferay Gmbh
17.00-17.30 Do's and Don'ts in Marketplace
James Falkner, Liferay, Inc.
17.30-18.00 The Future of Liferay
Joseph Shum, Director of Operations, Liferay Europe
18.00-22.00 Networking Reception & Awards Ceremony



General Sessions

New and Improved Liferay 6.1 EE Features
(Máté Thurzó, Liferay Hungary Kft.)

This session will give a broad overview of  the new and improved features of Liferay's WCM and ECM. We will also touch base with the new site management functionality, changes in Staging, OpenSocial integration, setup wizard and mobile device support.

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Efficient Management of Multiple Websites in One Single Platform
(Julio Camarero, Liferay Spain)
Every website built on the Liferay platform allows us to easily manage pages, applications and content in a unified way and providing a well polished user experience. Liferay is remarkable for providing a natural way of managing not only one but hundreds or thousands of web sites in a single installation. This presentation will demonstrate how to manage efficiently multiple web sites in one installation thanks to Site Templates and how to manage multiple teams of editors working on different versions of a site with a Staging environment.

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Building Applications on Liferay 6.1
(Joseph Shum, Liferay Gmbh)
A discussion about how to leverage the portal platform to build applications with an example of how Liferay Social Office was designed and implemented on Liferay.

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Do's and Don'ts in Marketplace
(James Falkner, Liferay, Inc.)
Liferay has built a strong and valuable platform with the services and capabilities you need -- portals, content management, collaboration, workflow, social networking, and a compelling user experience framework.  The Liferay Marketplace is the premier destination for complementary solutions built on the Liferay Platform, enabling Liferay customers, partners, ISVs, and the wider community to easily publish, share, and monetize these applications.  In this presentation, you will learn:

       • An update on how the Marketplace works
       • Tips and tricks for Marketplace users and developers
       • Marketplace Business and Technical guides
       • Marketplace Roadmap

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Business Track

Liferay 6.1: New Tools for Power Users
(Olaf Kock, Liferay Gmbh)
Liferay 6.1 introduces new tools for power users designed to help them work more efficiently by modeling business processes in Liferay. Vacation requests, inventory lists, events organization, and editorial approvals can all be made more efficient with these new features. Join Olaf for a review on how to make the most of these tools. 

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How Liferay Came to Life in VIPnet
(Ivan Krnic, CROZ d.o.o and Blaženka Čaušić, VIPnet d.o.o.)
Vipnet is one of two largest Croatian telecoms. Known by its focus toward technology-oriented users looking for fast and reliable information, namely business users and Generation Y, Vipnet uses the internet portal as its main communication channel. In 2009, a successful effort was made to migrate the internet portal to Liferay platform. This presentation will explain the reasons that led to the selection of Liferay as a weapon of choice, outline migration efforts and give an overview of Liferay as a development platform in the days to come.  

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Advanced Forms
(Zoltán Dibó, Webtown Informatika Kft.)
In non-social business environment, forms are often the only way to get information from the users through websites. This type of data collection can be very effective, if the form UI is deliberate and free of unnecessary parts, and if we are supported by a good system in the background that helps us achieve these goals. This presentation will demonstrate such a product that brings us more than just effective data collection, but data processing with messaging, e-signature and more exciting features. 

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Mass Data Processing with Liferay - The Case of Visual Information
(László Gulyas, Aitia International Inc.)
We are living in the Age of Information. The amount of information we and our companies have to deal with exceeds every limit previously seen in history. Liferay is a wonderful platform to build applications that help dealing with this overload for both professional and personal use. This talk will briefly overview the directions of mass data processing, from business intelligence and data mining, via semantic information processing and text mining, to the handling and processing of visual content (i.e., images and videos). Special focus will be given to the third tier: to solutions that help Liferay users to navigate the continuously growing tide of electronic images and videos. We will demonstrate how images can be automatically clustered into similarity folders or how images similar to a sample can be found. In the end we will discuss the extension of these applications to video content stored in Liferay applications. 

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Technology Track

Portal Security: Guidelines to Ensuring Corporate Safety
(Tomáš Polešovský, Liferay Gmbh)
In this session we will cover the following questions:

  1. What are the typical security issues for web applications?
  2. How Liferay responds to the above challenges?
  3. How our users / customers use our tools to make their products more secure?

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How to Build an Accessible Website
(Julio Camarero, Liferay Spain)
How does accessibility relate with portals? why should I care about accessibility? is my website accessible? is Liferay accessible? can I build accessible websites using Liferay? Learn how Liferay 6.1 will help you achieve the accessibility certification that you need.

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Dashboarding with Liferay
(Marko Cikos, OptimIT d.o.o.)
Dashboards can be considered as rich GUI sets of data visualizations. This paper describes advantages and challenges of using Liferay layouts and portlets as building blocks for dashboards. The main challenge and emphasis is not on providing visually attractive dashboard, but rather on achieving satisfying interactivity and configurability of dashboard elements. Many of Liferay core features are usable for intended purpose, such as custom layouts, instancing of portlets, configuration of custom preferences and portlets interaction API. Paper describes design requirements of portlets as well as behavior patterns when portlets are placed in greater number on the same page. Demo provides showcase of quick portlet placement, setup and interaction. Conclusion brings comparison of development cost with options of developing custom dashboard in single portlet and using complete dashboard products. 

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