Asvoip VideoPhone is for corporate, commercial, game and social Web-portals.
Use for voice and video communication between employees, social friends, buyers and sellers.
Provides absolute privacy and confidentiality talks.
VideoPhone needs minimum administration and easy-to-use.
Need to allow access to the audio/video devices.
VideoPhone based on WebRTC, VoIP and SIP technologies.
VideoPhone (version 1.2.0 or later) available in the Google Chrome version 29 or later, Mozilla Firefox version 24 or later!

There are proposals for the new features of the portlet?
Write to us!
We are open for cooperation!
Latest Changes
Default filtering of contacts for domain.
By property asvoip.filtering_contacts_by -
filtering contacts by liferay 'User Group' and(or) liferay 'Organization'.

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