What is a Portal?

Portals can serve an enterprise in a variety of ways. Read about key use cases and then learn more about Liferay Portal's robust portal, content, and collaboration features.

Integration Platform

One of the earliest portal uses was to integrate various existing applications into a single unified user experience. Portals enabled enterprises to pull together information and applications into one website where users based on role would have quick access to all content specific to their role.

UI Integration Platform

Enterprises often have a very large number of websites and web applications that individual users regularly access. One method to improve the user experience and improve overall user productivity is to aggregate these various existing websites and applications into a single portal.

Enterprise Integration Platform

Integrations may also include external systems. ERP systems are often integrated into a portal dashboard, showing status and alerts. Rather than link to each system, a portal would include one or more portlets showing data from the back-end system.

Site Integration Platform

Additionally, portals can integrate various websites into a single unified website. For example, an enterprise may have an anonymous website, customer website, partner website, and an employee website.