Live Sessions

Live streaming of technical topics for Liferay Developers

Here are the next 3 scheduled sessions. To keep up with what's coming, check the calendar and be sure to subscribe.

Liferay Developer Tools for Liferay 7

When: 8 September 2015 @ 1000 EDT / 1400 GMT / 1600 CEST

Led by: Greg Amerson

If you are a Liferay Developer, you'll want to tune into this Hangout - Things are changing in the Liferay 7 Developer world and you'll have a front row seat as Greg Amerson, lead developer for Liferay Dev Tooling shows us what's coming up with Liferay 7, including new modularity features and how to make the most of them from existing and new developer tooling. Topics include Liferay IDE 3, Blade, Blade Tools, OSGi, and new frameworks to help you get the most out of Liferay 7.

Pre-Session Setup and Needed Materials

Liferay Workflow

When: TBD - Stay Tuned!

Led by: Kamesh Sampath

Liferay's workflow framework allows a user to define any number of simple to complex business processes/workflows, deploy them, and manage them through a portal interface or developer GUI. The processes have knowledge of users, groups and roles. Join Kamesh Sampath, Sr. Architect at Liferay and learn a bit more about Liferay Workflow, how to develop simple and complex workflows using Liferay IDE, and how going beyond the basics can pay big dividends.

Pre-Session Setup and Needed Materials

Basic setup requirements before the session:

  • A running Liferay 6.2 installation (with no modifications needed)
  •  Liferay IDE to be able to create and deploy workflows