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Developing OSGi plugins for Liferay 6.2 and 7 with Maven

When: 18 December 2014 @ 1000 EST / 1500 GMT / 1600 CET

Led by: Milen Dyankov

There has been a lot of noise about OSGi and modularity in Liferay, which is going to revolutionize and modernize the Liferay development workflow, and save developers tons of time.

If you haven't yet considered its impact on you and are wondering exactly what it looks like to build plugins for 6.2 and 7 that benefit from OSGi, or are wondering what it will take to get your 6.2 plugins ready for 7, this is the session for you!

Join Milen Dyankov, Senior Consultant for Liferay, and learn all of the above and more in a hands-on, interactive developer hangout.

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