Newsletter - manual and automatic email campaigns

Newsletter portlet features:

* Managing a number of different independent newsletters (topic sections)
* Creating mail templates using freemarker language
* Subscribers management
* Importing subscribers from CSV
* Scheduling newsletter sending
* "Force send now" option that allows redactor to reschedule next sending time for "now"
* Send a test message on user email address (currently logged in)
* Preview sending history (simple statistics included)
* Opportunitiy to unsubscribe from the newsletter (every email will contain a link through which the recipient will be able to unsubscribe from the newsletter)

In addition, we prepared integration with Asset Publisher, so that it is possible to dispatch periodic mailings such as sending information about articles published in the last 7 days the category X.

Version 6.2 may become unstable with JBoss
Latest Changes
PACL support has beed added for 6.1 EE and 6.2 (because of LPS-30606 PACL Support can't be added for 6.1 CE)

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