Visioneo reports CE

Visioneo application allows to embed professional-quality reports in your portal! Using the popular Open Source BIRT Eclipse designer, create powefurl reports containing charts, data tables, cross-tables, images, grids, multiple pages and many other things from your own datasources. Once reports are published on the server, they can immediately be displayed through secured portlet windows in users devices such PCs, tablets and smartphones. Documents are generated on demand in multiple formats such as HTML, PDF, Excel, Powerpoint, etc. Reports developers can also include exciting interactive elements such HTML5 charts!


This is a large application because it embeds a BIRT runtime, therefore it might be necessary to increase the size of permanent memory of your application server before install it. Please follow the documentation link for more informations.
Latest Changes
- Upgrade to BIRT runtime 4.4.0
- Portal Access Control List (Liferay PACL) is enabled
- Sandboxing cockpit report is included in distribution
- The toolbar is now draggable
- Reports caching can be dynamically turned on/off through a portlet preference
- Many minor enhancements & issues fixed, please check release notes.

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