Sync up at your convenience.

Be a part of the team without sacrificing your own preferences.

Get enhancement not reform.

With Liferay Social Office, you won't have to worry about learning anything new or about changing your work life to accommodate another team solution. Rather, it uses your existing email and productivity applications so that your experience is enhanced, not reformed. Moreover, the user interface is intuitive with familiar and convenient desktop conventions that won't require a steep learning curve, or any at all.

Work from your desktop.

When you don't feel like logging into Social Office, you have the option of working from your desktop. Thanks to integration with Microsoft Office®, documents updated directly though Office® applications are automatically uploaded to your Social Office's online document library. Document lock keeps two people from saving over one another's work and all your changes are saved as incremental versions so you won't have to think twice about doing your job.

Be a part of the team without the work.

In Liferay Social Office, collaboration is a natural extension of your work life, not the product of a concerted effort. All the components of the solution are tied together seamlessly with the latest in social computing that gets everyone on the same page and keeps them there.

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