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Ben Chapman
Display Page does not show canonical URL
8 maggio 2013 6.34

Ben Chapman

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I have manually created a page to be a display page. It is named "Display". I added an asset publisher and I ticked the "Set as the Default Asset Publisher for This Page" box. I created multiple pieces of web content. I set the display page for each piece of content to be "Display". When I click on "View Content in Display", I get the canonical URL:

However, if I am displaying the content as the result of clicking the "Read More" link in an asset publisher, I get the big long URL that is not the canonical URL:

Why is this? Am I doing something wrong? This does not seem to be the expected behavior as documented here:

Is it because we are using HTTPS?

Thank you for any suggestions you have.

Wieteke den Uijl
RE: Display Page does not show canonical URL
27 maggio 2013 8.15

Wieteke den Uijl

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Hi Ben,

Have you configured the Asset Publisher so it shows content in a specific portlet by selecting "view in specific portlet" as asset link behaviour? However in my case this does not completely solve the issue. Each web content item is now available at its own canonical URL, but if you click on the read more-link in an asset publisher it still shows a redirect-part after the canonical URL. Does anyone know how to solve this?