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Sampsa Sohlman
jQuery javascript framework for portlet programming.
2009/08/13 7:38

Sampsa Sohlman


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Hi everybody

I have created javascript framework for portlet programming. The framework it self it is not targeted to Liferay Portal only and can be used with other portals too.

The jQuery portlet framework gives tools and programming pattern so that your javascript portlet code doesn't effect other portlet's on same portal page - not even if there more instances of same portlet. It helps to separate layout and logic and create browser side portlet to portlet communication.

It put's your javascript logic nicely to separate javascript file and Liferay gives tools to bind this javascript file to portlet it self on liferay-portlet.xml.

There is sample portlet application for Liferay with 3 portlets for quick evaluation.
Link to project:

- Sampsa