Social Office CE

Liferay Social Office is a dynamic team workspace solution that provides holistic enhancement to the way you and your colleagues work together. By adapting today's most innovative social technologies to the unique needs of productivity and goal-driven enterprise teams, it enables an important shift in how and why communication happens. Key features include, but are not limited to:

Documents: Shared document repository with Microsoft Office integration
Communication: Team calendars, webmail, task management and contact management
Collaboration: Integrated threaded discussions, blogs, and wikis with related content and federated search
People: Searchable LinkedIn-style User Profiles with user tagging, user search, friends, and integrated chat
Latest Changes
LPS-18916 LPS-27163 LPS-29120 LPS-29139 LPS-29252 LPS-29266 LPS-29314 LPS-29678 LPS-29727 LPS-29918 LPS-30178 LPS-30228 LPS-30422 LPS-30462 LPS-30463 LPS-30470 LPS-30551 LPS-30553 LPS-30554 LPS-30559 LPS-30578 LPS-30588 LPS-30590 LPS-30592 LPS-30661 LPS-30733 LPS-30860 LPS-30873 LPS-31107 LPS-31139 LPS-31246 LPS-31259 LPS-31320 LPS-31362 LPS-31519 LPS-31915 LPS-32088 LPS-32149 LPS-32151 LPS-32634 LPS-32837 LPS-32853 LPS-32915 SOS-587 SOS-951 SOS-994 SOS-1010 SOS-1012 SOS-1014 SOS-1139 SOS-1157 SOS-1159 SOS-1161 SOS-1162 SOS-1164 SOS-1166 SOS-1168 SOS-1176 SOS-1179 SOS-1180 SOS-1181 SOS-1185 SOS-1188 SOS-1189 SOS-1195 SOS-1197 SOS-1198 SOS-1201 SOS-1202 SOS-1203 SOS-1204 SOS-1211 SOS-1212 SOS-1213 SOS-1217 SOS-1220 SOS-1221 SOS-1222 SOS-1223 SOS-1224 SOS-1232 SOS-1237 SOS-1238 SOS-1240 SOS-1241 SOS-1245 SOS-1247 SOS-1248 SOS-1251 SOS-1252 SOS-1254 SOS-1256 SOS-1257 SOS-1258 SOS-1260 SOS-1261 SOS-1262 SOS-1263 SOS-1264 SOS-1265 SOS-1266 SOS-1267 SOS-1268 SOS-1269 SOS-1270 SOS-1271 SOS-1272 SOS-1276 SOS-1278 SOS-1280 SOS-1281 SOS-1282 SOS-1283 SOS-1287 SOS-1288 SOS-1289 SOS-1290 SOS-1292 SOS-1293 SOS-1296 SOS-1301 SOS-1302 SOS-1303 SOS-1305 SOS-1314 SOS-1315 SOS-1316 SOS-1317 SOS-1323 SOS-1334 SOS-1339 SOS-1342 SOS-1344 SOS-1345 SOS-1348 SOS-1349 SOS-1351 SOS-1352 SOS-1353 SOS-1355 SOS-1357 SOS-1363 SOS-1369 SOS-1376 SOS-1377 SOS-1381 SOS-1393 SOS-1394 SOS-1395 SOS-1401 SOS-1408 SOS-1412 SOS-1418 SOS-1422 SOS-1423 SOS-1428 SOS-1429 SOS-1430 SOS-1437 SOS-1438

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