Tori Forum

Award-winning message boards for your Liferay installation. Tori is a discussion forum portlet with a smooth user interface. Features like in-page navigation and real-time notifications make it easy and very comfortable to use.

- Clean looking, interactive message board
- Fast and fluent in-page navigation pattern
- Flashy real-time message notifications
- Uses the same backend and admin with Liferay’s default message board
- Can be used simultaneously with Liferay’s message board in a separate URI
- Page indexing and SEO support
- Integrated Google Analytics tracking
- Supported Liferay versions: 6.2 upwards (CE / EE)
- Permission configuration from Liferay Control Panel
- Badge provider API for showing custom user badges
- Stand-alone portlet that includes Vaadin 7.3. built-in

Tori is a drop-in replacement for Liferay's own message board portlet and it can also be used simultaneously with it. The open-source project is hosted at GitHub:
Latest Changes
Thank for using Tori and giving us feedback. In this version we focused on issues reported by you and other Tori users. Fixes include:
- Polished user interface. Many small theme and UX issues were fixed.
- Updated permissions checking. This is now more compatible with Liferay's default message boards.
- Store unfinished posts to browsers local storage to save your nerves on a bad network connection.
- Updated to Vaadin 7.3.6 to get the latest Vaadin features.

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