Instant Messaging System for Liferay (SUC)

LIMS brings fast and reliable way of communication for Liferay in fresh and minimalist design. Add a modern instant messaging experience to your portal right now!

This is a SUC - Single User Chat edition.
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IMPORTANT Braking change: If you have previously installed LIMS on Liferay 6.1 (, installing the new version (>1.0.0) will rewrite it and the data will be lost. Visit for more info.
Latest Changes
This is a big update! A lot of new features and fixes have been added to make the LIMS more stable and enjoyable to use.

• You can now search a particular contact.
• If the message isn't sent an error message appears. You can then try to resend the message or delete it.
• Detection of unsupported browsers added.
• No internet connection detection added.
• Caching of contact list added to decrease bandwidth between the browser and server.
• New source of contact list added - User Groups
• Incoming message notification updated. The old sound replaced with the new less disturbing noise.
• Issues with Internet Explorer 8 resolved.
• Issue with MSSQL fixed.
• Issue with wrong message timestamp resolved.
• Wrong order of conversation panels fixed.
• Czech language added.
• and many others ...

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