Messenger for Liferay (SUC)

LIMS Messenger brings fast and reliable way of communication for Liferay in fresh and minimalist design. Make important decisions, share information and chat in a real time. Add a modern instant messaging experience to your portal right now!

This is a SUC - Single User Chat edition
• send messages to offline users
• advanced admin area setup panel
• bad connection detection
• resend or delete message functionality
• compatible with Liferay Social Office ®
• search contacts
• incoming message notification
• contacts grouping

Looking for advanced features and premium support?
MUC - Multi User Chat edition
• conversation with multiple participants
• add/leave conversation functionality
• pagination of messages
• message history
• list of your conversations
• conversation toggle for small screens
• colourful avatars with initials
• quick conversation close button
• transfer messages from Liferay Chat Portlet ®

Visit LIMS developer website
• for the list of features visit:
• for the help with installation or settings visit:
• for the troubleshooting visit:

Latest Changes
This update is mainly for the administrators. You can now adjust all the settings via the admin panel directly from the portlet. No need to set everything up via the properties file!

• Admin Area panel added - adjust settings from the portlet
• Excluded sites option added - specify sites where the portlet shouldn't appear
• Security updates
• Conflict with Chat Portlet detection added
• Notification in window title updated
• Css issues in Social Office fixed
• Null values bug in Oracle fixed
• Italian language added

For the full change log visit:

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