Messenger for Liferay (SUC)

LIMS Messenger brings fast and reliable way of communication for Liferay in fresh and minimalist design. Make important decisions, share information and chat in a real time. Add a modern instant messaging experience to your portal right now!

This is a SUC - Single User Chat edition
• send messages to offline users
• advanced admin area setup panel
• bad connection detection
• resend or delete message functionality
• compatible with Liferay Social Office ®
• search contacts
• incoming message notification
• contacts grouping

Looking for advanced features and premium support?
MUC - Multi User Chat edition
• conversation with multiple participants
• add/leave conversation functionality
• pagination of messages
• message history
• list of your conversations
• conversation toggle for small screens
• colourful avatars with initials
• quick conversation close button
• transfer messages from Liferay Chat Portlet ®

Visit LIMS developer website
• for the list of features visit:
• for the help with installation or settings visit:
• for the troubleshooting visit:

Latest Changes
This is a bugfix update. It fixes a couple of major issues related to the previous version including:

• Portal wide portlet preferences - this will clear your current settings - read release notes for more info
• Issue with broken drag and drop functionality fixed - sliders removed from Admin Area
• Exception thrown by the deleted participants in conversation fixed
• Issue with escapeXml function in fn library fixed
• Max key length is 767 bytes in MySQL fixed
• Issue of portlet.anchor.enabled fixed
• Issue with avatar not displaying fixed
• Issue with extra ";" in clickable link that ends with "/" fixed
• Position of remove button in admin area tokens fixed
• Ignore default user option removed from the preferences
• Null values ignored in JSON - less traffic
• Better font rendering

For the release notes visit:
For the full change log visit:

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