Instant Messaging System for Liferay

Check out the new version of favorite chat plugin! LIMS brings fast and reliable way of communication for Liferay in fresh and minimalist design. Ready to start?

IMPORTANT Braking change: If you have previously installed LIMS on Liferay 6.1, installing the new version will rewrite it and the data will be lost. Since the new version runs under the different namespace and uses the different database tables, you need to uninstall the old version first by deleting liferay-lims-portlet under webapps folder.
Latest Changes
- support of Liferay 6.2 added
- new concept of the app - independent on Jabber server (The app works immediately after installation. In the future versions, Jabber server will be implemented as optional.)
- multiple sources of buddies added (e.g. all users in system, users within groups where the user participates, social connections, etc.)
- core bugs fixed
- performance improvements
- new design
- single user chat only (multiuser chat support will be added in the future release)

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