Jenkins Integration Portlet

  • Security Disabled: This app has Liferay's PACL Security Manager disabled.
  • Labs: This app is experimental and not supported by the developer.
  • Disclaimer: This app was submitted by a Liferay employee but is in no way affiliated with Liferay, Inc. or its affiliates.

More and more often, development teams adopt Continuous Integration as a good practice within development processes, and team members need to watch the results of its current work.

Jenkins is an open source continuous integration tool perfect for this goal, so many and many teams are using it as their preferred CI server.

As Jenkins provides many metrics by itself, I've decided to start a Liferay + AlloyUI + Jenkins integration portlet that allows to display tests results in an easy and portal-deployable way. For that, a Liferay portal Admin, can deploy this portlet in his portal, allowing its users to watch last builds tests results, in an user-friendly style, using AlloyUI built-in cappabilities.

Latest Changes
* Supports saving a very basic way to define aliases for builds, using this pattern: JOB_NAME|JOB_ALIAS. This way long named builds can be shorten by an alias.
* Do not display PENDING status, displaying previous build result instead.
* Fix minor bugs

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