Calendar CE

Liferay's Calendar app allows users and organizations to create, track, share, and manage events. In addition, the Calendar app supports notifications, integration with Social Office, and staging. As a user, you can create as many calendars as you need. As an administrator, you are able to manage the scheduling of Calendar Resources such as rooms and projectors. All content from the old Calendar portlet is automatically imported into this new application.

Latest Changes
  • LPS-49156 Calendar asset type is not upgraded during upgrade to 6.2
  • LPS-49890 Mini calendar does not correctly display all day events if user time zone is different from portal time zone
  • LPS-49994 All day recurring events appear on day after they are set to recur.
  • LPS-50016 Recurring events, "All instances in the series": editing an instance moves the series to the instance day
  • LPS-50017 Recurring events, "All following": Original instance will be displayed in the edit window after saving
  • LPS-50022 Recurring events: confirmation dialog does not close
  • LPS-50025 Inviter events: confirmation dialog does not close
  • LPS-50033 Recurring, invitee events, "All following": new series is created but old series has the same length
  • LPS-50197 Calendar - Separate the static identifiers in the scheduler table to be more specific
  • LPS-50201 Global Calendar Events cannot be displayed in Calendar Portlet after upgrading
  • LPS-50396 When the calendar of an event is changed to one of the invited ones, it should be removed from the invited ...
  • LPS-50505 Calendar - modal header for repeating event iframe should be capitalized
  • LPS-50508 Calendar - spelling error for confirmation dialog when editing invited resource's event
  • LPS-50605 You cannot access to calendar-portlet/api/axis
  • LPS-51001 Calendar event displays "Loading..." and will fail to update when switching between two separate events in ...
  • LPS-51054 Calendar - creating a new event will now display a confirmation dialog that should only appear for editing ...

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