Sync Connector CE

The Sync Connector app lets users connect to their portals from the Liferay Sync desktop and mobile clients. It also lets administrators control how these clients interact with their portal. Once installed, the Sync Connector app provides the portal services required by the clients. No additional portal configuration is required. However, portal administrators can use the Sync Admin portlet installed with this app to control what sites are available for Sync. They can also use this portlet to disable Sync across the portal.

After installing, the Sync Admin portlet is available in the Control Panel’s Configuration section.

Please visit for more information on downloading the Liferay Sync desktop and mobile clients. Liferay Sync is compatible with Windows, Mac OS, iOS, and Android. The Sync Connector app requires version 3.0+ of the Sync desktop or mobile client.

Latest Changes
  • LPS-59770 Improve database connection handling for 7.0 Upgrades
  • LPS-60774 Regulate service circular dependencies usage
  • LPS-61273 Keep the Plugins SDK Ant-only
  • SYNC-1485 Uploading files via Liferay Sync unable to trigger email notifications
  • SYNC-1497 Skip problematic files and folders when verifying database
  • SYNC-1508 Copying file increments download count on original
  • SYNC-1518 Company is not fetched correctly when creating a DLFileVersionDiff
  • SYNC-1520 Exception with no message is failing the entire batch request
  • SYNC-1521 SyncJSONFilter prevents other JSON requests from adding files
  • SYNC-1522 Principal exception is not wrapped if it occurs after DuplicateFileName/FolderNameException

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