Sync EE

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This plugin provides the portal services required by Liferay Sync desktop and mobile clients.

Please visit for more information on downloading the Liferay Sync desktop and mobile clients. Liferay Sync is compatible with both desktop and mobile environments including Windows, Mac OS, iOS, and Android.

Latest Changes
  • LPS-40454 Sync plugin's getLatestModifiedTime should return the latest system time if no updates exist
  • LPS-40913 Improve Ant build times by avoiding target calls and using macrodefs where possible
  • LPS-42493 Third party document repositories are exposed to Liferay Sync
  • LPS-42769 Downloads through Sync connector is missing MIME type
  • LPS-42924 Using classNameLocalService directly instead of PortalUtil.getClassName** in ***LocalServiceImpl.
  • LPS-43258 ClassNotFoundException when translating Hibernate exception in ClpSerializer
  • LPS-43599 Plugins SDK Environment builder for 6.2 generates as "master" instead of 6.2.x

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