The Drag+Drop File Upload application for Liferay embraces and extends out-of-the-box functionality with features designed to modernize and streamline file upload interfaces for document library users and content editors. The Drag+Drop application supports the Liferay 6.1 platform, leveraging industry-leading interface functionality for file management in web applications.

The Drag+Drop File Upload application for Liferay provides “one click” uploading of files into the document library, turning what used to be a cumbersome operation into one that is straightforward and familiar for desktop users. From a technical perspective, the combination of HTML5 and AJAX drives a responsive interface that reacts to user actions without the need for a page refresh.

The application provides a desktop file experience for Liferay Portal users, allowing them to:
- Drag files from the desktop and drop them into document library folders
- Automatically expand dragged zip files within a document library folder

Coming soon: paid version of application with additional features:
- Drop files into document library sub-folders
- Drill through the document library folder hierarchy while dragging files
- Optionally set tags, permissions and document type metadata as part of a drag/drop operation
- Drag/drop images directly into the WYSIWYG editor for content items such as blog postings
- Drag/drop other files as attachments to blog postings

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