Asvoip VideoPhone portlet introduce video chat functionality to your site.
Asvoip Billing portlet - Call Detail Records.
CDRs includes the price and the cost of calls.
Asvoip is for corporate, commercial, game and social Web-portals.
Provides absolute privacy and confidentiality talks.
VideoPhone and Billing needs minimum administration and easy-to-use.
Need to allow access to the audio/video devices.
VideoPhone based on WebRTC, VoIP and SIP technologies.
Requirements: Google Chrome 42+, Firefox 37+, Opera 28+.
Localization of UI and messages: English, Spanish, Russian.
3 variants of monetization your portal:
free calls to paid services;
paid outgoing calls of users;
consultant earns money on video-consultations, but pays a commission.

Live demonstration (open from different computers or on different browser tabs):

Demonstration Billing - Call Detail Records:

There are proposals for the new features of the portlet?
Write to us! We are open for cooperation!
If want to install the Communication platform “Asvoip” on its server, contact us!

Latest Changes
Added Asvoip Billing portlet:
Call Detail Records for admin and users.
CDRs includes the price and the cost of calls.
Updated Asvoip VideoPhone portlet:
3 variants of calls -
free, paid outgoing calls or the user-consultant can set the price of a call.

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