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Cisco CDN


Cisco Systems' Cisco Developer Network (CDN) provides access to Cisco technologies and support resources that enable third-party development of compelling business solutions that unify data, voice, video, and mobile communications on Cisco development platforms. The program also allows developers to take advantage of Cisco's brand, market leadership position, and installed base to help drive positive business results for themselves and their customers.


Project Summary

The Cisco Developer Community Portal increases Cisco's ability to support solution developers and thus make Cisco technologies more pervasive in the marketplace. The Portal also creates an environment where developers can easily locate resources for their solutions, assist each other in developing solutions, and reach out to Cisco resources for assistance.

To realize its goals, the portal leverages tools like wikis, blogs, and message boards for communication and collaboration between Cisco and its community of developers, partners, and customers and also within the community itself. To encourage community participation, the Portal leverages social networking capabilities like activity tracking and network building. In future releases, the Portal will also leverage profile and activity based networking to help members of its community connect with each other.