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MAPFRE GROUP was formed in Spain in 1933 by a group of small landowners who aimed to assist injured workers. Today, the company is a leader in the Spanish market with a presence in more than 46 countries and employing 35,000 people who serve, directly or indirectly, more than 200 million people.

In Brazil since 1992, MAPFRE GROUP stands out as one of the most important players in the national insurance market. There are 127 network branches, 18 territorial boards of directors and about 16,000 agents. MAPFRE makes available a full portfolio of personalized solutions in insurance, assistance, financial activities and other services for its more than 25 million clients.

Providing coverage for a national territory, the Group offers the best attendance, taking into consideration each region's features, communicating in a transparent and open way with all insurers and agents, offering incentives, acting on partner's empowerment, and focusing on a Take Care of People mission.


MAPFRE identified a need to restructure and modernize its portal (, which had been updated last in 2009. The MAPFRE portal lacked innovation, was difficult to navigate and provided only the most basic functions.

After forming an alliance with Banco do Brasil, MAPFRE revamped a past project to upgrade the site and chose Liferay Portal as its solution.


The resulting portal built on Liferay Portal included updated navigation and layout, now developed using HTML5, with a focus on an improved user experience (UX).

The document management tool was a major differential of Liferay Portal, allowing the portal administrators in MAPFRE's marketing and communication department to manage a single repository for client information, as opposed to the multiple repositories previously in place, making navigation and research more effective.

For example, a team member must update continuously the information in the insurance field with general conditions and the new contract period for policies. The business team can now, with just a few clicks, change the corresponding files and refresh the portal.

Departments that worked on the prelaunch stage of the portal were fully coached by Liferay in order to better manage the solution.


MAPFRE experienced enhanced client satisfaction from the new portal.

The company saw a significant decrease in the number of calls to the Customer Service Department and in the time spent on the resolution of problem due to a substantial improvement in navigation, usage, and content refreshment in which, after four clicks, the selected information could be found in an effective way.

O Liferay tornou a ferramenta de Gerenciamento de Documentos mais eficiente, uma vez que os arquivos, antes sem gestão de versionamento, passaram a ser gerenciados dentro de um único repositório.
Marcia Akemi Tokunaga
Gerência de Marketing Digital, MAPFRE GRUPO