Sync up at your convenience.

Be a part of the team without sacrificing your own preferences.

Tap into a history of innovation risk and cost free.

Liferay's Open Source heritage grants us unique access to a worldwide community of users and developers that constantly give feedback and insight into their enterprise needs. This means that Liferay Social Office's features and user interface is the result of an ongoing, and very organic, quality assurance process.

With our unbeatable ease of use, the team will easily take to Social Office and synch up with minimal effort on their parts and minimal effort on yours.

What's more, Liferay Social Office is offered under the AGPL Open Source license and is available at absolutely no cost to your organization.

Guarantee user adoption.

Users resist adopting web-based applications that don't integrate with the way they work. Hence, Liferay Social Office was designed to allow team members to use their existing email, calendar events and productivity applications. Synching up with the rest of the team requires little effort and change. They can even work directly from their desktops.

Meanwhile, state of the art wikis, message boards and IM harness the power of social computing within a controlled and purposeful business environment so that team collaboration becomes a natural extension of each person's work experience.

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You can download the Community Edition or contact Sales to try the Enterprise Edition.

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Simplify your own job.

Liferay Social Office takes up the burden of your management tasks.

First, the organization of people is handled by secured "Sites" that can be created for various departments, teams and other groups. Then within each site, you simply define team member roles and the system of authorizations grants them their assigned and approved levels of access. You can also delegate these administrator priviledges on to anyone you wish.

Meanwhile, dynamic activity tracking gives you a birds eye view of who has been doing what and when within each individual Site, within all your Sites, and even for specific tools like the document library or the wiki.