Liferay Sync

Share files with a simple drag-and-drop. Liferay Sync transforms the Liferay platform into a central, easy-to-use document sharing service.

Liferay Sync is Liferay's newest product, designed to make file sharing as easy as a simple drag-and-drop! It exposes and synchronizes content and documents to both desktop and mobile environments with support for Windows, Mac OS, iOS, and Android. It'll also log all your document changes and versions.

With the EE version, Liferay users will have the option of sharing between unlimited Liferay Sites!

  • Stay connected to your site while on the go.
  • Versioning and revision tracking so all users can seamlessly work on the same file together.
  • Shares information in real-time.


Documents and Media Sync

Sync will automatically and dynamically synchronize files from your Liferay Sites, giving you immediate access to all of the documents and media items. You can upload and share new documents and make them immediately available to other Liferay users, whether they are using Sync or not!

There is also built-in versioning of documents, so you can easily revert the files to previous versions.

Just in Time Sync

Liferay Sync minimizes over-the-wire traffic, only transferring the content of documents when you need them. This significantly improves the user experience and prevents large amounts of content from slowing down your site--you only get the bits you need, at the time you need them.

Simple Sharing

It doesn't matter what kind of documents you work on--Sync presents files in your chosen environment in the same way it would for any ordinary file. PDFs are viewed as PDFs, Word documents are edited and saved with Word, and so on. It's as simple as dragging and dropping files in your environment.

Liferay Integration

Sync users benefit from Liferay's powerful document creation and management features: documents managed through Sync can be sent through a workflow, tagged, commented on, and categorized.

Multiple Sites

Members of multiple sites can manage documents across all their sites. Navigate between different sites, for example, to view the latest sales forecast from the Sales site, or post a personal note to the employee lounge.

Offline Support

When you unplug, your documents go with you--Liferay Sync makes all of your documents available on your mobile device, even when you are disconnected, and publish any changes made offline the second you reconnect again.

Native Clients - OS and Mobile

Liferay Sync is available as a native application for the most popular mobile and desktop environments. This allows Sync to take advantage of all that is available in the user's environment, and results in a high performance application that minimizes resource usage.

Desktop Integration

Liferay Sync seamlessly integrates with your chosen operating environment, offering support for system tray icons, desktop notifications, and context menu shortcuts.  You can quickly see what Sync is doing at a glance, and documents that are managed through Sync are treated the same as any other document on your operating system.

Works with Liferay Out-of-the-Box

Liferay Sync requires no special connectors. It works with Liferay Portal 6.1* out-of-the-box, using Liferay's powerful remote access mechanisms. With Sync, you can connect to and manage documents from any Liferay Portal 6.1-based site.


*(GA2 and on)