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Bruce Altner
Determining permissions via roles with AND instead of OR
4 de Agosto de 2011 05:09

Bruce Altner

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I have a use case that would require me to set permissions to view artifacts based on combined roles. That is, if someone has Role A AND Role B and each role contained the view permission then they could see the artifact, but not if they had only one or the other role but not both. I may need to extend this to more than two roles as well. Does Liferay provide a means for doing this? As of right now the only solution I see is to make a combined role, called, say, Role A&B, but that starts to get unwieldy as the number of roles that you have to combine in this way increases as sum(i=0,N-1)2^i. That would mean 3 unique roles for A,B (A, B, and A&B ) but 7 unique roles for A,B,C (A, B,C, A&B, A&C, B&C, A&B&C) and so on. Not a good solution.

Thiago Leão Moreira
RE: Determining permissions via roles with AND instead of OR
1 de Agosto de 2011 15:04

Thiago Leão Moreira


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Liferay does not support this by default. You must implement your customized PermissionChecker to allow Liferay to do this. Check the following properties for further information:

 2## Permissions
 5    #
 6    # Set the default permission checker class used by
 7    # com.liferay.portal.security.permission.PermissionCheckerFactory to check
 8    # permissions for actions on objects. This class can be overrided with a
 9    # custom class that implements
10    # com.liferay.portal.security.permission.PermissionChecker.
11    #
12    #permissions.checker=com.liferay.portal.security.permission.SimplePermissionChecker
13    permissions.checker=com.liferay.portal.security.permission.AdvancedPermissionChecker
Francesco R
RE: Determining permissions via roles with AND instead of OR
9 de Novembro de 2012 08:10

Francesco R

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I have the same requirement.
Now with Liferay 6 (CE or EE) is it possible?