Resources Importer CE

  • Labs: Esse app é experimental e não é suportado pelo desenvolvedor.

The Resources Importer app allows front-end developers to package web content, portlet configurations, and layouts together in a theme without saving it as a compiled .LAR file thereby allowing for greater flexibility in its usage between Liferay Portal versions. This app will automatically create associated content when other plugins are deployed that are configured to make use of the Resource Importer app.

This app installs as a Liferay service.

Últimas mudanças
  • LPS-31355 As a content manager I will be able to download web content's full xml
  • LPS-49570 Resource importer configuration is not consistent
  • LPS-50395 FileSystemImporter does not run if /WEB-INF/classes/resources-importer does not exist
  • LPS-50735 As a resource importer developer, I would like to import layouts other than "TYPE_PORTLET"
  • LPS-50736 As a developer, I would like to create layout prototype (page template) in the resource importer and link l...
  • LPS-50774 ResourceImporter has duplicate code for importing layout templates
  • LPS-50808 As a developer, I would like to deploy a resource importer bundle when in development mode and have resourc...
  • LPS-50859 ResourceImporter throws null pointer when importing in update mode and there is no parent structure
  • LPS-51096 As a developer, I would like to be able to configure whether to append a version id to a resource name
  • LPS-51109 As a developer, I would like the reorganize the ResourcesImporterHotDeployMessageListener code for easier m...
  • LPS-51131 As a developer, I would like to ensure resource importer only executes indexing at end of an import
  • LPS-51135 Wrong template name for Zoe Healthcare Theme

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