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AlloyUI Wallpaper

Company Blogs 15 de Fevereiro de 2013 Por Djalma Araujo Staff

Hi everyone!

As you know, recently launched Alloy 2.0. To illustrate a bit and have it be something else in our day to day, I made a simple wallpaper of our alloy.

Possibly make others more elaborate, but for now we have this. It's nothing official, but I saw that wallpaper is something common here. =)
I've made a few resolutions. If you want one specific, let me know and I'll send to your email.

Deploy liferay portlets, themes, hooks, etc from your Finder. (Mac OS X users only)

Company Blogs 6 de Fevereiro de 2013 Por Djalma Araujo Staff


During a joint meeting in Liferay Brazil, Fernando Areias had an idea of being able to deploy (portlets, themes, etc.), or any component of the SDK derived directly from the Finder by selecting one or more components. Based on this, I've created a simple automator service where through the finder, you can select one or more folders of some components that you want to deploy and click with the right mouse button, selecting the "[Liferay] Deploy now!" option, making the service navigate through the Terminal in each selected folder and run the command "ant deploy" from each of the portlets.
Recalling that the configuration deploy depends on your development environment be well configured. The only thing the service does is create a user-friendly interface through the "context menu" finder.
This service is very useful for users that creates demos and POC's for example.
To install, double click on the file that the system itself will install.
To download the service, click here
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