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Radio Liferay Episode 46: Thomas Schweiger on Coffee

  The nerdiest topic so far: I'm speaking to Thomas Schweiger, german national barista champion 2010-2012. He was sponsored by our german partner Prodyna to prepare coffee during this years Devcon and Portal Solutions Forum Germany.

We talked about

  • What do you need to do to become Barista Champion?
  • Can you describe upfront what your coffee will taste like when you prepare it?
  • Importing coffee, roasting, drying, grinding and preparing
  • Latte Art (learn it by just listening to this episode):
    • Foam the milk to be a homogenous liquid - stop adding air at 30°C, then roll around the foam to get microbubbles. The really hard stuff is to determine when to drop the milk under the coffee's crema and start drawing images with the foam on top.
    • Find Latte Art tutorials on Youtube (or find out what it actually is and what pictures people actually do)
  • Shoutout to Wolfram Sorg, from Prodyna Sales, who is teaming up with Thomas
  • Did you know you can be a coffee consultant? Thomas is. He's consulting on coffee farms, cafés and barista training.

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Everyone who has missed to taste his fabolous... wolfgang kubens December 18, 2014 10:57 PM

Everyone who has missed to taste his fabolous coffee, to spend time for a small talk has definitely missed an outstanding moment!

Posted on 12/18/14 10:57 PM.

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