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Radio Liferay Episode 40: Our Upcoming Events. Hack 'em!

  Radio Liferay is back with a repeat guest, James Falkner, Liferay's Community Manager. Like last year, symposium season is about to start (even though we already had some events earlier this year...). And there's something new, for the nerds and software craftsmen among you.

We talked about

  • The upcoming events, how to tell them apart and the target audience. In short: LPSF (Liferay Portal Solutions Forum) is targetted to business users, DevCon is targetted to Developers and technically interested people. Symposium has tracks for both groups.
  • You'll find almost all of the upcoming events on Liferay's Events overview - filter for "Conferences". As of publication of this episode, the first brazil symposium is not yet on that list.
  • Check if the event you want to go to still has an open Call For Paper. Some are still open the day that this episode is released.
  • Final reminder: Unconference seats will be limited. Register early to make sure you get your seat.
  • This year, we're going to provide access to the (anonymous) data that backs the events, and hope that you'll create an awesome mashup with this data. Refer to James' blog article "DIY: Liferay Events Hacks: Part 1" for details of the API and let us know if you need more help
  • iBeacons and what to do with them at events. (Watch out for a part 2 of James' blog article)
  • ...and other topics - but listen yourself... if you listen close enough, you might even hear a secret

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