Developing for the Liferay Platform 2
Ready your applications to meet the real world.

Length: 3 days
Formats: Public, Private
Liferay Version: 6.2*

*Also available through private training for Liferay 6.1

Bring together your information

Present the most relevant information to your users in just one interface by pulling from existing data sources.

Customize and integrate

Develop custom applications that integrate with some of Liferay's most important features like workflow and staging.

Develop smarter

Knowing how Liferay works will help you reduce development time and increase your speed and efficiency.

Laptop Requirements 
Windows x64, Mac OSX*, or Linux*

*Participants that use Mac OSX or Linux must be prepared to troubleshoot any operating system related issues as the trainer may not be familiar with these operating systems.

Recommended: 8 GB RAM

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Mar 16 - 18 Milan , Italy Reserve Your Spot
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A great moment where I've learned multiple concepts and best practice I can apply to my future projects.
Phillippe Collet

Day 1

  • Building Rich, Interactive Web Applications with AlloyUI
  • Handling User Events and Displaying Dynamic Content
  • Integrating with Liferay's Social Networking Features
  • Integrating Your Application with Liferay's Content Framework
  • Adding Support for Workflow
  • Adding Tags, Categories, Ratings, and Comments

Day 2

  • Using Advanced Features of Service Builder
  • Creating Remote Services
  • Accessing External Databases
  • Running Custom SQL Queries
  • Sending Synchronous/Asynchronous Messages
  • Scheduling Automated Jobs

Day 3

  • Implementing Indexing and Search
  • Customizing the Indexing Post-Processor
  • Configuring Friendly URLs for Individual Assets
  • Importing/Exporting Application Data with Staging
  • Integrating with the Recycle Bin
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