Course Overview

Learn the ins and outs of a Liferay installation with the Administering Liferay Systems. Learn how to setup and prepare a successful Liferay deployment, and explore the tools needed to improve performance. This course covers single instances, clusters, managing plugins and to prepare you for effective system management.

What You'll Learn

By the end of the training, you should have an understanding of what Liferay has to offer out of the box including:

  • Installing Liferay from a bundle
  • Installing Liferay on an existing server
  • Configuring Liferay through properties
  • Connecting Liferay to external databases and mail servers
  • Setting up Liferay in a clustered environment
  • Integrating document repositories
  • Providing document previews, conversion and inline audio/video
  • Integrating Liferay with SSO systems
  • Integrating Liferay with LDAP
  • Tuning an installation for performance
  • Backing up an installation of Liferay
  • How to upgrade Liferay
  • Maintaining Liferay using the patching tool

Prerequisites: Experience setting up and configuring application servers or servlet containers.

Course Format: Onsite

Version: 6.2

This course is also offered for Liferay Version 6.1


Day 1


  • Installing a Liferay Bundle
  • Connecting to external databases and mail servers
  • Installing Liferay Manually on an Existing Application Server
Configuring Liferay
  • Server Administration through the Control Panel
  • Plugin Management
  • Liferay Marketplace
  • Configuring Liferay Services Oriented Architecture
Day 2


  • Introduction to Cluster Design
  • Creating a Liferay Cluster
  • Principles of Liferay Clustering
  • Configuring Quartz for Job Scheduling
  • Syncing the Database Cache across your Cluster
  • Clustering Documents and Media
  • Syncing Search Indexes
  • Setting up a Solr Server
  • Session Replication
  • Load Balancing using Apache
  • Deploying Plugins across a Cluster

External Services

  • Using External Services for Document Previews
  • Setting up ImageMagick Higher Quality Image Previews
  • Setting up LibreOffice for Document Conversion
  • Configuring Xuggler for Audio/Video Previews
  • Setting up Liferay as a WSRP Producer and Consumer

Integrating LDAP and SSO

  • Using LDAP and SSO servers in Liferay
  • Setting up an LDAP server
  • Configuring Liferay with an LDAP server
  • Importing user information from LDAP
  • Integrating an SSO solution with Liferay
  • Setting up OpenSSO/OpenAM
  • Authenticating in Liferay against an SSO server
Day 3

Performance Tuning Overview

  • Load Testing
  • Profiling
  • Memory Management
  • Garbage Collection
  • Cache Optimization
  • Optimizing Lucene
  • Configuring a Content Delivery Network
  • Database Sharding

Maintaining Liferay

  • Liferay Monitoring
  • Backing Up a Liferay Installation
  • Log Levels
  • Upgrading Liferay
  • Installing Fix Packs Using the Patching Tool

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  • Quad Core processor
  • 8GB RAM
  • 15GB Free Hard Disk Space
  • Windows x64, Mac OSX, or Linux

This is the minimum configuration required to complete the exercises in the course, including setting up a virtual machine, server cluster, distributed search server, LDAP server and SSO server.

Insufficient hardware may prevent participants from completing all of the exercises.

Please contact us or call 1-877-LIFERAY if you have any questions.