Course Overview

Learn to control the look and feel of the portal in Styling Liferay with Themes. This one-day course will cover the structural and code level anatomy of Liferay Themes. Learn how Liferay implements Bootstrap through AlloyUI, as well as advanced options and configurable theme settings. From modifying a Site page to considering Responsive Design, you will walk away from this course with a solid understanding of the best practices for guiding user experience.

What You'll Learn

By the end of the training, you should understand how to develop a Liferay Theme Project which includes:

  • Understanding the Theme Architecture
  • How to build off of a base Theme
  • Applying HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
  • Configurable options using Theme Settings
  • Configurable options using Color Schemes
  • Using Freemarker or Velocity in a Liferay Theme
  • Using SASS and Compass
  • Using AlloyUI in your Theme
  • Using Alloy Bootstrap in your Theme
  • Developing a Layout Template
  • Understanding how to think about Responsive Design
  • Creating a Site Template using your Theme

Prerequisites: Knowledge of HTML and CSS.

Course Format: Onsite

Version: 6.2

This course is also offered for Liferay Version 6.1


Day 1


  • How to Install Liferay Using Liferay Developer Studio
Understanding Liferay Themes
  • Theme Architecture
  • Liferay Page Layout
  • Managing Users Through Organizations and User Groups

How to build a theme in Liferay

  • Basic Theme Creation
  • How to Manage Custom Code in Themes
  • Understanding the HTML Structure of a Liferay Page
  • How to Handle Cross Browser Differences in Liferay

Configurable options through Liferay Themes

  • Using Theme Settings to Provide Custom Options in Liferay
  • Using Color Schemes to Provide Custom CSS and Image Variations

Using Velocity in Liferay Themes

  • Understanding Velocity
  • Basic Implementation of Velocity

How to create Layout Templates

  • What Is a Layout Template?
  • Basic Layout Template creation

Additional features in Liferay Themes

  • Leveraging SASS and Compass in a Liferay Theme
  • Introduction to AlloyUI
  • Responsive Design in Liferay Themes
  • Creating Site Templates and Importing Content Using Themes

Overview of Recommended Practices

  • Best Practices for Accessibility and Theme Technologies

Download as a PDF


  • 6GB RAM
  • 5GB Free Hard Disk Space
  • Windows x64, Mac OSX*, or Linux*

* Participants that use Mac OSX or Linux must be prepared to troubleshoot any operating system related issues, as the trainer may not be familiar with these operating systems.


  • 8GB RAM

Please contact us or call 1-877-LIFERAY if you have any questions.