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5 November 2015



Learn about the latest trends in digital business transformation. Discover how others leverage Liferay to reach organizational goals. Get first-hand info about upcoming features. Engage with certified Liferay Partners from the region. Network, discuss and connect with your peers.

UK Solutions Forum

Bryan Cheung

Chief Executive Officer & Founder Liferay, Inc.
Bryan Cheung steers Liferay's strategic direction and worldwide business development efforts as one of the founders since 2004. Drawing on his technical experience, understanding of customer needs, and a passion for end users, he leads Liferay in delivering effective business solutions to its customers and community.

Edmund Dueck

Marketing Manager Europe Liferay GmbH
Edmund Dueck leads Liferay’s Marketing and PR efforts in Europe, being responsible for implementing the marketing strategy in established and upcoming markets. Edmund draws from over 15 years of experience in B2B communications, media production and digital marketing in enterprise and non-profit contexts.

Edwin Chung

VP of Product Management Liferay, Inc.
Ed has managed strategic accounts around overall design, development and implementation of inter-, intra-, and extranet solutions. He joint Liferay in 2005 with over 12 years of consulting and product management experience within Global 1000 companies. Ed holds a B.S. in Chemistry from the University of California, LA.

James Falkner

Community Manager Liferay
James Falkner oversees the 90,000-strong open source Liferay Community. James has over 14 years of experience in technology, and he blends his strong technical background with a passion for open source. James has been involved with enterprise web development and the Liferay Community since 2008.

Jonathan Seddon

Senior Assessment Manager University of London

Milen Dyankov

Senior Consultant Liferay
Milen is senior consultant at Liferay helping some of the biggest European companies succeed in today's rapidly changing virtual reality by engaging their customers, partners, and employees. Before joining Liferay in 2012 he spent over 10 years designing and developing Java EE solutions for leading Polish companies.

Miroslav Ligas

Consultant Liferay
Miroslav joined Liferay in 2014 as a Technical Consultant. He is part of the UK Office, supporting mainly customers from UK and Ireland. Besides consulting Miroslav also delivers Liferay trainings and is an active member of the Liferay community in the UK. Prior to joining Liferay, Miroslav worked for a Liferay partner starting as a developer and quickly progressing to solution architect and consultant. His main expertise is in system architecture and end-to-end development. Miroslav holds a M.Sc. in Computer Science from the Masaryk University.

Niall O'Grady

IT Web Development Manager QAD
Niall is has been part of QAD company for over 9 years at the Limerick office and now leads a team of developers as the IT web developer manager. Along the years he acquired great expertise in developing web solutions in Liferay and other portal technologies. Also in developing search solutions on the Google Search Appliance (GSA).

Olaf Kock

Training Manager Liferay
Starting as an active part of the Liferay community in 2008, Olaf has joined Liferay Germany as a Technical Consultant and Trainer in 2010 and is currently overseeing the training program in Europe. As the host of the “Radio Liferay” podcast he reveals the personal side of the people involved in Liferay and covers news about upcoming features and activities.

Tracey Dodds

Service Manager Bristol City Council

"It's helpful for business people to meet other business people and talk through their meet experts and talk to consultants is really, really useful"

Mark Andrews
Web Architect - RSPCA
Mark Andrews
Web Architect - RSPCA

What's in It for Me?

Public Sector

Public Sector

We know you have a difficult remit, not least how to effectively implement a channel shift strategy. This event will showcase some of your peers and how they have harnessed an open source platform to achieve this, cut costs, improve the customer experience and consolidate legacy systems.

Enterprise IT

Enterprise IT

Are you starting to think about the value of Open Source and how it is transforming Enterprise IT? Are you looking at ways to implement an omni-channel strategy? Why not find out first hand from like minded companies about how they are managing to solve these challenges.



Digital Marketing is about understanding your audience and how you effectively engage with them. Come and join your peers in looking at cutting edge technology and how it can help you deliver targeted content across multiple channels. Find out about current trends and expand your network.



Discover how technology is starting to personalise how you can talk to customers and colleagues. Experience first hand how companies are starting to harness the value of Open Source to cut costs and reduce project delivery times. Find out the latest trends in Portal, Social and Customer Engagement.



Optimise your valuable time with a one to one meeting with the Liferay leadership team, the leading Digital Experience Platform. Learn first hand from recognised industry leaders how they are harnessing open source. Find out the latest trends, including audience targeting and omni-channel delivery.

One-on-One Consulting

One-on-One Consulting

Meet a Liferay consultant for a one-on-one consultation. This 25-minute meeting gives you the opportunity to gain expert insights specific on your needs, discuss in detail any technical requirements and learn about product features. Slots are limited and will fill up fast. To register please send a request via e-mail.
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UK Solutions Forum


Expert Exchange

At a gathering like this, everyone is an expert in a particular topic. Based on the idea of the World Café method of collective knowledge, we offer you the opportunity to participate in discussions in Expert Exchange groups.

In a moderated small group setting, best practices will be discussed, ideas exchanged and questions answered. The goal is to learn from peers, challenge each other and gain new insights. After 30 minutes in one group, attendees rotate groups and immerse themselves in yet another high-level topic. Participants from previous events frequently cite this part of the Forum as their highlight, once you experience it for yourself you will know why.

UK Solutions Forum

Bryan Cheung

Chief Executive Officer & Founder

Driverless: How will Digital Robotics transform your industry? Meet with other thought leaders to discuss how internet-enabled devices, drone technology, driverless cars, and other new technologies might create new opportunities—and dangers—in your respective industries.

Diego Lago & Femi Ajayi

Head of User Experience & Senior Liferay Architect

Maximising customer engagement through user-centred portal design: User-centred design (UCD) is a process in which the needs and desires of users are taken into account at each stage of the design process for a service or product; often for software applications, websites and portals. The goal of user-centred portal design is to facilitate the design of portals that are both useful and easy to use. It involves identifying users’ requirements, designing suitable interactions to meet their needs and testing your designs using prototypes and real life scenarios. Join our session to learn more about the UCD process, how it can be integrated into your Liferay projects and the ways it can help increase customer engagement.

Ed Chung

Product Management

Using Your Social Intranet to Boost Employee Engagement - Research shows that employee engagement results in higher productivity and performance. Come and discuss your experience in measuring and improving the engagement of your employees through your social intranet.

James Falkner

Community Manager

Digital Nirvana - Delivering the perfect content through the best channel at the most effective moment: Today's customers and citizens expect a seamless experience throughout their relationship with your organization no matter how they interact: via social media, your website or mobile app, customer support, or in-person. How can your portal go beyond traditional integration and personalization to more effectively reach them? This discussion will focus on strategies to reach your audience more effectively, build loyalty, and hopefully make them smile. Be prepared to share your experience on what works and what does not, and how you think the technology of today's digital era can be most effectively used in your future portal.

Matt Fulford


Experiences of using Open Source to deliver Innovative Digital Services

Omprakash Mishra

VP, Europe Delivery and Sales Support

Socially Connecting Employees in Digital Workplace: Organizations today have to deal with the ever increasing complexity of a generationally diverse and geographically dispersed workforce. The key is to developing critical internal applications that would socially connect employees. So leveraging the familiarity of employees to conventional social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Google+ is imperative for user adoption. Join our session, where we discuss how we can connect social technologies with properly-defined business workflows to improve collaboration and compliance.

Paz Vega

Digital Expert

Portal improvements by using Digital Marketing techniques: Through the use of Digital Marketing Tools organisations around the world continue to learn more and more valuable information about their customers’ digital behaviours and preferences. This allows them to tailor individual digital experiences to these specific needs and get more out of the marketing activity, achieve a better ROI. Join our session to explore this transformation driven by digital marketing techniques; we will share our challenges and achievements and discuss the on-going progress we can make through the use of these tools.


As the name implies, the Arch is made from Italian white Carrara marble, a favourite material of the Art Deco movement in the 1920s and 30s, when Thistle Marble Arch was built. Today, the Thistle Marble Arch hotel in Oxford Street is one of the few genuine Art Deco buildings left in London. Marble Arch underground station is only two minutes walk away giving access to the whole London tube network and leafy Hyde Park is just over the road.

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