August 27
Andreas Magnusson and Dejan Milojevic are now friends.
6:45 AM
August 12
Dejan Milojevic and James Falkner are now friends.
10:25 AM
August 5
Dejan Milojevic and Bruno Farache are now friends.
5:19 AM
July 17
karthik reddy and Dejan Milojevic are now friends.
7:55 AM
July 10
Dejan Milojevic and Gabriel Leon Leyva are now friends.
12:14 PM
June 13
Dejan Milojevic commented on James Falkner's blog entry, +1 Thanks for a good summary James!..., in James Falkner.
4:01 AM
May 13
Björn Ryding and Dejan Milojevic are now friends.
11:45 PM
Dejan Milojevic commented on Bruno Farache's blog entry, Nice work!..., in Bruno Farache.
10:44 AM
Dejan Milojevic commented on Dejan Milojevic's blog entry, Hi Juan, I'm glad you like it! I agree totally wi....
10:41 AM
May 7
Dejan Milojevic updated a blog entry, Liferay Blog Reader 1.2 released.
11:46 AM
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