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October 27
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11:58 PM Hello Liferay SAML Support, I have instrumented some simple logging in the following Liferay SAML web request action handlers: * com.liferay.saml.hook.action.AssertionConsumerServiceAction * com.liferay.saml.hook.action.AuthRedirectAction * com.liferay.saml.hook.action.BaseSamlStrutsAction * com.liferay.saml.hook.action.MetadataAction * com.liferay.saml.hook.action.SessionKeepAliveAction * com.liferay.saml.hook.action.SingleLogoutAction * com.liferay.saml.hook.action.WebSsoAction The change to each web request action handler is minimal and includes a LOG statement in the "doExecute" method. Sample solution for the AssertionConsumerServiceAction is below. NOTE: The action class AssertionConsumerServiceAction handles the SAML Assertion Consumer Service URI at "/c/portal/saml/acs ". {code} package com.liferay.saml.hook.action; public class AssertionConsumerServiceAction extends BaseSamlStrutsAction { // BEGIN LPS-59038 private static final Log LOG = LogFactoryUtil.getLog(AssertionConsumerServiceAction.class); // END LPS-59038 public boolean isEnabled() { return SamlUtil.isEnabled() && SamlUtil.isRoleSp(); } protected String doExecute( HttpServletRequest request, HttpServletResponse response) throws Exception { // BEGIN LPS-59038 if (LOG.isInfoEnabled()) { String requestURL = request.getRequestURL().toString();"processing action " + this.getClass().getName() + " for request URL " + requestURL + " ..."); } // END LPS-59038 WebSsoProfileUtil.processResponse(request, response); return null; } } {code} The same logging approach is used for all SAML action handlers. This allow us to monitor incoming SAML requests from a SAML IdP (eg. F5 BigIP or MS ADFS). Please review this sample solution as part of the solution for this ticket. Regards, Tim
October 22
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