Training Partners

Liferay Training Partners offer training services throughout the world. Trainings are delivered by professional certified trainers using official Liferay training materials. At the end of each training, you'll receive a training badge on your profile on and will be able to verify your attendance of the course.



Aegif is a leading consulting firm in Japan, with a strong focus on open-source consulting. Our extensive experience allows Aegif to minimize risks while leveraging the potential of enterprise-class open-source software, to offer optimal solutions to our clients, typically in large-scale environments. From requirements analysis to solution design, Aegif accompanies its clients from early phases until the delivery of a powerful, efficient and flexible solution. Pioneering Liferay in the Japanese market, Aegif not only offers Japanese language support, but also regularly organizes training events. Considering client satisfaction its main asset, Aegif created and maintains the Japanese language pack for Liferay.



Altendis is a company within the Excilys Group, based in France. Over the past 10 years the Excilys Group has developed an alternative operating model called Equitable Service: the aim of this different approach is to provide the best possible service to our clients and to create constructive, long-term client relationships. This model is based on three criteria: tightly focused recruitment process, detailed and closely-monitored training plan, the high level of motivation of our consultants.

Altendis & the Excilys group specialize in Java / JEE, Agile Management & BPM; we have more than 150 different client references (AOL, Generali, Lafarge, JC Decaux, SFR, …..) on a wide range of JEE projects including our own JEE coaching program.

CIGNEX Datamatics


CIGNEX是世界领先的开源企业内容管理,SOA和ESB咨询服务,和软件解决方案供应商。CIGNEX客户包括媒体,医疗保健,教育,政府,博彩和高科技产业公司。客户包括全球领头企业,如Electronic Arts,Activision,芝麻街,康卡斯特,梅德科,北电,爱普生,Oki,星空卫视和美国加州大学。 CIGNEX是一家私营公司,总部设在美国加利福尼亚州圣克拉拉,在美国,新加坡,英国和印度设有多个办事处。公司的优势之一是根据印度低成本的离岸交付能力,为客户提供一个在现场—离岸模式基础上灵活地实现他们的项目。

Dunn Solutions Group

United States

Dunn Solutions Group is a full-service information technology consulting firm. Focused on the web/portal, e-commerce, business intelligence and application development spaces, we offer our clients a comprehensive combination of capabilities, skills and experience. From the design and development of your extranet or intranet, to data analysis and visualization, to back-office integration, we have portals covered end-to-end. Our teams work in both the Java and .Net development environments, and we have on-staff quality assurance and graphic arts resources. Plus, our Assurity™ methodology ensures that your project is successful and high-quality, and is delivered on time, on-budget and on-target. Our development centers in Chicago, Minneapolis, Raleigh and Bangalore, India, allow us to service customers across the United States and around the world. And our global presence gives us the ability to offer a cost-saving delivery model that leverages our high-quality, dedicated offshore resources.



Monator is a Swedish-based company providing consulting and advanced services within content management, collaboration, social networking and enterprise integration. With a commitment to deliver true business value, Monator helps its clients apply lean thinking and design business-driven technology solutions.




Permeance Technologies是一家全国认可的软件咨询公司,以独创的全程商业交付服务闻名,同时也是主要的政府机构。Permeance在企业结构,性能,可扩展性,定制培训,内容管理,设计,交互,维护和支持等方面,都是Liferay亚太地区的特级合作伙伴。Permeance是澳大利亚认证的提供跨区域培训的合作伙伴。Permeance的一级服务支持,令客户更好的了解了当地Liferay的企业前景。

Rivet Logic


Rivet Logic是一个屡获殊荣的咨询和系统集成公司,帮助组织更好地与客户沟通,加强合作,并简化业务操作。通过全套内容管理,协作和社会解决方案,Rivet Logic使企业充分利用业界领先的开放源码软件。有着深厚的Liferay Portal,社交协作平台,Alfresco内容管理系统,和JBoss企业中间件专业知识的Rivet Logic推出了内容丰富的解决方案,使下一代的网络属性,企业2.0应用和协作社区更强大。Rivet Logic在弗吉尼亚州雷斯顿和马萨诸塞州剑桥市的办事处,为整个北美和各行业的各种客户提供服务。Rivet Logic开源工程师。

Savoir-faire Linux


Savoir-faire Linux在蒙特利尔,魁北克以及渥太华都有分布,它是开源软件整合的参照企业。我们是加拿大东部Liferay的最大也是最有经验的整合商。


作为Liferay的积极合作者,Savoir-faire Linux是一家具有ISO 9001和 ISO 14001认证的公司,在开源社区中扮演重要角色。我们在企业,网络,结构以及嵌入式解决方案等领域的广泛专业知识使得我们成为具有挑战性的项目的合作伙伴的最佳选择。


SMC是一家意大利软件公司,拥有270名员工,办事处分布于10各不同地区,在信息与通讯技术方面有着25年以上的专业经验。SMC集团专攻硬件、软件以及中小型公司服务。SMC提供大量产品与解决方案:ERP, CRM, CAD/CAM, PDM/PLM, SCM,成本控制、商务智能、文档管理、系统工程。内容管理、社交网络和协作。SMC的使命是提升选其作为合作伙伴的600多个客户的竞争力。SMC在将技术提升至Enterprise 2.0时选择了Liferay。



Ambientia specialises in digital business and communications as well as social solutions. Our expertise is Enterprise Java. Ambientia provides consultation, planning and implementation for leading enterprises on the international market, both in the private and public sector. Ambientia designs and implements websites and various web-applications tailored for the specific needs of our customers. Ambientia's solutions includes Consultation and Design Services, Internal Communication and Communities, Web Applications and Platform Solutions, and Application Management and Support Services.