IT Strategy

Why Your Business Needs to Move to the Cloud

Comparing on-premise and cloud deployment
IT Strategy

What Enterprises Today Need to Know About the Power of Portals and Open Source Development

Dave Pierovich from Perficient on how to use portals for your business

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IT Strategy

How to Choose a B2B E-Commerce Solution for Your Business

Learn the top four features your B2B e-commerce solution must have.
IT Strategy

Insights From One of Liferay’s Top Contributors — Andrew Jardine Talks Open Source and the Value of a Strong Community

Liferay’s top contributor on the value of a strong open source community

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IT Strategy

Six Elements of Great Customer Web Portal Software

See what functions make for a great customer web portal software.
IT Strategy

The Future of Java and How It Affects Liferay

Java and Liferay developers can still use Java and the JDK freely.
IT Strategy

How JDK11 Affects Liferay Users

Learn what the changes in JDK11 really mean for Liferay users.