"Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up." - Pablo Picasso

My job as a marketer has never been more fun and challenging. The conversation in the marketplace has evolved drastically since I started my career three years ago. Whereas advertising was once considered a direct line for a company to pitch to consumers, effective marketing nowadays involves thoughtful and engaging dialogue between both parties. In essence, it is a call for marketers to be storytellers.

It is apparent that with the advent of social media and the continual innovation of technology, our worlds are becoming smaller and running faster. With all the noise out there, there is a need to rise above. Is it enough to present a product that features "this many tools out of the box" and "that compatibility with (blank) server?" In a crowded marketplace, companies are asked to be more than just a product offering--or risk sounding the same as everyone else.

Stories are important because they help us to genuinely connect with one another. It is a form of art that is unique because no one person or brand's story is the same. In his speech at Inbound 2013, Seth Godin stressed how art and creativity in business are needed now more than ever before. "Connection is made through art because no one wants to connect with someone who is doing exactly what they were doing yesterday," he said. "This is how you earn connections in the new economy."

Embracing the New Age of Digital Marketing

The companies that understand this are the ones excelling in this new age of marketing. They are weaving together pictures, words, and sounds to create personalities that make their brand come alive. Chipotle did this recently with one of their campaigns. In a short animated video, they were able to share their vision of better farming practices and to effectively stand for something. The idea is that the next time you purchase a meal from their chain, you aren't just buying a burrito, but also making a statement about what you believe in and how you are supporting a greater cause. Companies and brands that are doing this, creating meaningful narratives, are distinguishing themselves from the rest and quickly rising to the top.

So, how are you contributing to your company's greater story? What are you doing in your role to create a culture of creativity, innovation and art? Take some time to reflect about how you can contribute to the broader narrative. If you are willing to engage and delight your audience, chances are they will reciprocate and be more inclined to give back to you.

After all, in this day and age, it pays to be an artist.

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