In order to compete in the digital world, businesses must understand the importance of building and delivering meaningful digital experiences for their customers. But on the same scale of importance, though often neglected, is running a responsive and effective business operation in order to fulfill customer expectations. 

Without efficient back-end processes and operations, your business cannot run smoothly to deliver those great experiences. However, businesses can overcome this problem with a powerful digital experience platform that not only provides the tools necessary to build engaging digital experiences but also is effective in making business operations more efficient. 

Achieving this kind of efficiency for great customer experiences requires involvement from different departments and stakeholders, which affects disparate content and processes. With Liferay DXP 7.2, enterprises can navigate these problems not only with robust tools to create personalized experiences, but also gain end-to-end visibility on critical business processes to implement initiatives that improve services and make the business run better. The following new features on the latest version of Liferay DXP help make operations more efficient for employees so that they can work to satisfy customer expectations:

  1. Peer-to-Peer Asset Sharing: The latest version of Liferay DXP allows registered users to easily comment, edit and share documents to increase collaboration for instances where multiple users need to work on a single asset. Instead of having to use another solution or tool, all editing and sharing can be conveniently and quickly done directly through Liferay DXP. This allows for faster coordination without the need of assigning custom permissions. 
  2. Workflow Analytics and Reports: Workflows have always been an important feature in Liferay DXP. With APIs and enhanced interfaces, it’s easy to use a workflow to help increase business efficiency. On the latest version of Liferay DXP, our team has refined this process a step further with workflow analytics. Not only are you able to build very unique workflows, you are empowered to analyze and enhance them based on data collected. Create due date definitions for workflow processes and workflow tasks. Liferay DXP provides analytics for all instances of open and in progress processes in real time allowing for easy identification of operational bottlenecks and insight to optimize efficiency. This information can also be generated on a report to share across the organization.
  3. Improved Dashboard and APIs for Identity Management: Tackle the tedious task of managing personal data erasure requests with new improvements to the management dashboards and APIs. With GDPR and now the incoming CCPA, security and data protection laws are extremely sensitive and critical issues that businesses need to integrate into their business. Simplify bulk deletion and anonymization during the review process through logical hierarchies for assets. Filtering and scoping capabilities across Liferay DXP help provide greater context when reviewing personal data, and administrators can be informed when specific applications will delete or anonymize data during the auto-anonymization process. These improvements will help your business save time, ensure compliance to legal standards but most importantly, communicate commitment and trust to your customers.
  4. Enhanced Forms: Since forms are an integral way businesses accomplish tasks and gather information effectively, it continues to be a critical part of the Liferay platform. On this latest version, we’ve included more personalized form rules, improved workflow integration and flexible data storage. Build more flexible business applications with data engine APIs. These APIs make it possible for developers to quickly assemble business applications that can scale with flexibility. Additionally, you can integrate Liferay Analytics Cloud to access detailed forms reports that provide insight into the number of views, submissions, failed submissions, abandonment and completion time, user information and device usage. 

An example of a forms workflow.

Empower your team to leverage the time and resources saved to focus on delivering excellent customer experiences. 

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