We are excited to announce that, for the first time, Unconference will be coming to Liferay Symposium North America 2018 and registration is now open.

This one-of-a-kind crowdsourced conference is unlike any other. There are no sponsored pavilions, no paid speakers and no planned sessions at Unconference. Instead, this event is completely shaped by its attendees and their needs.

Previously held at Liferay DevCon for the last several years, Unconference will give LSNA attendees the opportunity to shape an entire day around the ideas they are most interested to learn more about. In addition, attendees will be able to establish themselves as sources of knowledge on various matters by providing insights about the pressing issues most affecting them today by hosting their own session.

Held on the first day of LSNA 2018, this special gathering sees the Liferay community come together to form their own conference and crowdsource the topics and presentations that they want. At the start of Unconference, a space is set up for attendees, allowing them to gather in a circle to brainstorm and build out the day’s agenda. Attendees then write down topics on cards and promote them to the crowd in order to draw interest. Finally, these session topics are coordinated into available time slots and organized to avoid topic repetition and allow attendees to join the sessions they believe are right for them.

Unconference attendees then break out into sessions throughout the day, returning as a group at the day’s close to discuss what they have learned and experienced. In the past, Unconference attendees have been thrilled to take part in an ever-changing, highly focused and deeply insightful day that addresses needs and interests in ways few other conferences can do.

While Unconference is geared toward developers, anyone can attend. In addition, because the topics and sessions are created and held by the attendees themselves, no two Unconferences are the same and are shaped by the unique crowd at every event.

This year, Unconference will take place on October 8, the first day of Liferay Symposium North America 2018 in New Orleans, LA, and is hosted by Olaf Kock. Admission is $79 and Unconference runs from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., allowing attendees to experience a full day of crowdsourced knowledge.

In the past, Unconference admission at DevCon has sold out quickly, so make sure to purchase your ticket as soon as possible to join in on the many insights that are sure to be shared this year.

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